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Microsoft Access

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is designed to be user-friendly, simple, fast, and cost-effective.

The main function of the system is to register and store patient details and doctor details and retrieve these details as and when required and to manipulate these details meaningfully.

The system contains the doctor’s information and will digitalize the whole billing system. The software has the facility to give a unique id for every patient and stores the details of every patient and staff automatically.

The system management enables immediate record transfers, enhances patient workflow and eliminates treatment errors that result from inaccurate or incomplete paper records.

Efficiency, accuracy and fewer errors directly benefit the facilities. Patients will receive quality care from a professional and focused medical team. With management software, the hospital can increase their patient capacity while still providing quality care.

The system allows entering basic information of the employees including contact numbers and address along with professional details. Medical details of the employees also can be entered for their benefit.

Selecting a pathway for the treatment of the patient according to the condition of the patient is also the part of the system. The pathway consists of Tasks that are performed during the treatment and their duration.

Other useful features of the system are for teams and come in handy to manage the daily activities for team members. There are so many patients being treated at medical facilities. Keeping a record of which patients need to be attended at what time, their medication schedule, daily checkups and more can prove to be a cumbersome task if done on pen and paper. The system notifies the user about upcoming events and their details.

A fast and scalable email service, for sending transactional and patient details is also the part of the system.

Speed and accuracy are the main goals of the system.

  • Multi-user Application
  • Add Appointment, Events scheduling and Calendar views
  • Patient Medical History
  • Treatment Pathway of Patients and reminders
  • Activity Tracking of patients
  • Medication History
  • Drug Reference Database
  • Look for Upcoming tasks in the hospital
  • Generate reports in multiple formats
  • E-mail facility
  • Treatment Planning
  • Store Company details
  • Store Doctors details
  • Store Complete Patient Details
  • Date

    October 10, 2018

  • Skills

    Microsoft Access, VBA, SQL

  • Tags

    Microsoft Access, SQL, VBA

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