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Specialist Microsoft Access development.

Custom Database Solutions tailored to your specific needs

We have more than 10 years of experience building custom software solutions to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Database Design


Database Development


Interactive Reports


Tailor-made Database Solutions

Tailor-made Database Solutions

Get a custom tailored Microsoft Access database to solve your business data problems and make you more efficient.

Microsoft Access Support

Microsoft Access Support

Phone, chat, email and remote support for your current database whether developed by you, us or another company.

System Automation

System Automation

No matter the industry, let us help you create an infinitely scaleable solution to power your business.

MS Office Integration

MS Office Integration

Take your Microsoft Access application to the next level with the integration and automation with Microsoft Office Products.

MS Access Database


We specialize in programming with all versions of Microsoft Access and associated database development environments, to develop custom tailor-made database solutions. We build Access database software, and integrated Office applications that range from stand-alone programs to multi-user data management environments.

MS Access Database


Microsoft Access applications that we create are rich and clean with professional user interfaces that are engineered to optimize dependability, performance and data integrity. We have completed hundreds of MS Access applications from simple project management databases to more complex scheduling and estimating tools.


Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a relational database application developed by Microsoft and packaged as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Access combines a relational database engine, a graphical user interface (GUI) and software development tools to provide a user friendly Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment.

Microsoft Access is a highly flexible, robust, and reliable database program. Microsoft Access is the leading relational database management system in the world. Microsoft Access databases have long been used to help business teams to collaborate effectively.

Microsoft Access is one of the lesser known applications in the Office Suite of Applications and as a result many users overlook its capabilities and try to use the more popular MS Excel as a means of collecting, storing and reporting on data. While Excel is a very powerful tool for data manipulation it is more times than not improperly forced to act as a database system rather than a spreadsheet application. When shown the capabilities of Microsoft Access most users are amazed at the capabilities, ease of use and complexity of the programs that can be developed using Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access enables you to deliver powerful solutions, quickly and very cost effectively compared to other development environments and tools.

As a Microsoft product, Access is widely available and very widely used within organisations of all sizes. It is the most popular database solution for small to medium sized businesses and teams/workgroups within larger organisations. It is a well established and proven product and there is a large pool of people who know how to work with it and develop it.

Microsoft Access is a very open product. You can import and export information in a wide variety of formats and seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office, web sites, back office systems and most common business solutions.

Microsoft Access systems are easy an to enhance and change as the needs of your business change. You can always build on what you already have.

An Access database solution can be tailored to your precise requirements and the way that you do business. As such it can offer a unique competitive advantage.

A Microsoft Access solution will grow with your business. If you grow rapidly or have particularly demanding requirements you can upgrade to a combined Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server solution to give you power and resilience of SQL Server while preserving your investment in MS Access.

All of our systems are designed to be user-friendly and simple and intuitive to use with minimal training required. A custom solution allows us to build screens and processes that make the lives of your people as easy as possible while maintaining the control required over the use of the system. A custom database solution can help you perform complex tasks with ease.

Although you pay to develop the database in the first place you are then able to roll it out to users in the business with no further licencing costs. You have full control over when changes are made and how you take the database forward which can lead to significant cost savings as you are able to respond quickly to changing business needs.



ABC Work, the company behind MicrosoftDatabase.com is digital work agency that provide top notch services to fulfill your business needs. If you are looking for highly skilled, experienced Microsoft Access professional who does quality work quickly and efficiently, you have come to the right place. Our long relationship with Microsoft Access has allowed us to become one of the leading Access custom application programming companies  and the perfect contractor to take on your Microsoft Access project.

We offer end to end database development and maintenance services. This is our specialty. We build database applications from scratch and we re-build, support and extend existing database systems. We’re experienced in creating an interactive front end. We completed several complex database project in past. Your database project with us can save you lot of time and money.

Centralized information: Always up to date and easy to access.

Controlled Access: You can control which users can view/ edit which data. Key business information is safe and secure.

Realtime reporting: Real time professional and interactive reports. These reports will help you to make strategic decisions. Plus – our robust reports & search features let you see the data just the way you want it.

Our Process


Get Data In

We start with getting your internal / external information into the new Access database application.

  • Apply Business Logic

  • Validate

  • Remove Duplicates

  • Thresholds

  • Quarantine “Bad” data

  • Data Settings

  • Restrict Access



After the information is cleansed, organized, and any bad data removed. You can now interact with all of your information from database application.

  • Enhance User Interface

  • Advanced Search

  • Add / Edit Records

  • Delete Archive Old Records

  • Interactive Reports

  • Multi-User Access


Get Data Out

Your business information is now at your fingertips. Take control of your company with custom dashboards, reports, alerts, and much much more…

  • Interactive Reports

  • Smart Filters

  • Print Out Reports

  • Email Data / Reports

  • Word / PDF Output

  • Excel / CSV Output

MS Access Database

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